Saints Main Lesson Block

We’ve moved into a new moon yesterday and, as such, we started our next Main Lesson block on Saints – well ‘ish’, as my plan is to look at specific Saints around their actual ‘day’ as a small celebration. A very sharp learning curve for me, because, I have to admit, I don’t know much about the Saints, save for the more well known ones.

As it’s also Michaelmas tomorrow and I’m planning on spending a little time on the life of St Francis of Assisi next week, yesterday was a case of doing a short bit about the particular ‘Saint of the day’ (it way a bit pot-luck). It was Saint Vincent de Paul – who is, coincidentally, rather a good choice to look at for small children, being patron Saint of charities and there’s a bit of drama in there as he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery before escaping. So a fairly short story, just enough drama and a good archetypal image of the Saint holding a baby and with a small child to draw.

Reading the story also gave me pause for thought that I have some clothes bagged up for charity that really need to be taken to the shop. We have already had a small celebration for Mabon, having gone out to the park to collect acorn caps and conkers, followed by some leaf rubbing and a shared meal with friends and will be having another small celebration for Michaelmas tomorrow.

The new week will start fresh with stories of Saint Francis, using: God’s Troubadour, The Story of St Francis of Assisi which is available for FREE at: The Baldwin Project aka which has a wealth of titles available that are very useful for Steiner/Waldorf and Ambleside approaches. I shall also be using “In God’s Garden” and “Stories of the Saints” and “Our Island Saints” as we look at further Saints throughout the year. As Nin reads and writes sentences well, we will be moving towards identifying nouns and verbs using colour whilst writing sentences for the Main Lesson (although I will probably not introduce them formally until next year as I like the way of doing this put forward in Eric Fairman’s Path of Discovery Grade 3 using Old Testament Stories).


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