And more catch-up (from May!)

I’m finally getting around to posting up pics of bits and pieces we’ve been doing the last few months, including a trip for the Fairy Hunt at Brodsworth Hall:

Nin on the playground

This little fellow was snuffling around in broad daylight.

We went to Cleethorpes on one of the most possibly grey days of the year, but Nin and Ted still insisted on getting wet!

We’ve been continuing to volunteer down at Chase and also work on a friend’s allotment (there will be more photos to follow from subsequent months).

And a trip to Cusworth Hall where the children dressed as Victorians and experienced some activities of the day, including wash day.

I’m going to try to spend the next couple of days bringing the blog up to speed so that I can then post regularly about what we’ve been up to, including the songs and verses we’ve been using and what we’ve been studying 🙂


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