And then it all went pear-shaped…

I was going to blog regularly, really I was, but then we found ourselves faced with impending homelessness and had two days to find somewhere to live and move.
We did it and over the past few weeks I have learnt the infinite value of the love and support of good friends and family, without whom, the past few weeks would’ve been absolutely awful and we may well have found ourselves truly homeless.
Well, so naturally there has been no internet access till now and the flurry of packing and then unpacking has calmed somewhat (shelf-space pending). The rhythm of the day has begun to settle and we have been slowly getting back to normality.
It hasn’t all been awful the past few weeks, we’ve been on a few forays out, one of which was an open-day at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve (more photos to come, but I need to sort them out first):
Bug collecting Pond dipping
Mama pheasant  
There are more pictures to come, but I thought I’d post a few just to brighten the blog a little – really there are always rays of sunshine!

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