Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

There have been a lot of changes here. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of almost 2 years – but then, after a relationship of 14 years has ended, there’s going to be a lot of getting used to a new way of being.

I started the Foundation Degree in Steiner Early Childhood Studies, but ended up leaving, as I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to continue with studying. Any course of study on Steiner Education is going to be challenging on very many different levels and I really wasn’t in a very ‘good place’ to be able to do that.

Having been left with a mortgage I needed to find work to keep a roof over our heads. The small ones started school and I went out and got a job. It didn’t work so well. It was chaos. Children weren’t used to me working outside of the house. Teenagers basically ran rampant ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was exhausted. I left work, pulled Moo and Ted out of school and tried to continue with self-employment.

I was recently diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome, which has explained a lot of the pain and tiredness I’ve had over the years and it has been affecting my ability to be able to craft much, which has had a knock on effect on being self-employed for the time-being whilst I wait for physio and occupational therapy.

It’s certainly been 18 months or so of a lot of learning and there’s been plenty of good stuff too (although not many photos due to lack of camera!)

There has been lost teeth.

Curly hair.

Teenagers getting older (and much bigger)

Erk moved down to live with his Dad a couple of months ago.

We got a house rabbit (Inka) and another cat (Rosie).

We’ve been helping out down at the allotment project, Chase

And making things, of course.

I’m hoping to getting back to blogging regularly, including bits about lesson material, circle times and information about our newly forming Steiner-inspired home ed co-op (very excited).

Good things are coming into place.


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