Little Furry Rabbits

We have rabbits on the field behind us.  We grow vegetables.  This is rarely a problem for our vegetables as we have Gilbert. Sadly this means we have a season of dead small rabbits, but for once, a few weeks ago, we managed to rescue one.

When I caught up with Gilbert, this little one was lying prone, but otherwise looked ok.  S/he spent some time in a box on my kitchen table just to keep him quiet.  He soon perked up and was released back on the field (hopefully) to never return again.

I managed to record “The Little Furry Rabbits” (still haven’t worked out how to convert to MP3 yet – sorry Mac users, but I will get there). You can listen to it here: Little Furry Rabbits

The little furry rabbits keep very, very still
They peep at me across the grass as I go up the hill.
But if I venture nearer to watch them in their play
A flash of white and they are gone, not one of them will stay.

I can’t remember where I got the poem from, but will keep on looking to credit the author – sorry! In the meantime, if anyone knows, please let me know and I’ll amend the poem with a credit


10 thoughts on “Little Furry Rabbits

  1. Irene Nicholson says:

    My dad used to say it to me as a poem from my father but I’ve never ever seen it anywhere else. I’m a yorkshire girl and often wondered where it originated from.


    • marilyn marwood says:

      My dad also used to recite this poem to me. I have been trying to find out where it comes from for years. I’m from Suffolk not Yorkshire though. If I do find it I will let you know!


  2. Roger Wyld says:

    This was the first bit of poetry I ever learned, at infants school in Northwood Hills, Middlesex, just after the War. For some reason it has always stayed with me, and seems to epitomise those innocent childhood days before Reality kicked in and life became Serious! I’ve no idea who wrote it, but I’m glad they did. Ahhh…
    – – Roger


  3. Jean Kennedy says:

    I was delighted to find this verse.I remember learning it at school over sixty years ago but could only remember the first two lines to tell my children and grandchildren!Thank you for putting me and my family out of our misery!!


  4. Winifred Chouinard says:

    When I was four years old, my Mother entered me in a competition in Sligo Feis, Ireland where I recited this winning 3rd place among many.freddie


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