Sigh, sigh and thrice sigh!

Was up late trying to catch up, had just gone midnight so I closed the laptop down, went to wake dh up from the sofa and pick Ted up to take to bed (he’d woken up earlier in the evening). Picked Ted up, my laptop case and my handbag, went to walk into the hall and Ted threw up all down the inside of my top, then over my handbag (my nice one) and then all over the floor, just as Nin cried down the stairs that she’d wet the bed.

 Why?  Why do these things all happen at once?

 Had to admit I was laughing by this point (so much so I had to repeat asking dh to help Nin, whilst he looked at me very confused and bleary-eyed from the sofa) and then had to put Nin on hold as dh is like a witch and water in folklore (except in his case it’s running sick rather than water that he can’t cross).

So had to clear the sick up from Ted and in the hallway before dh would venture upstairs to strip the bed and sort Nin out whilst I tried to clean my bag and rinse out sicky cloths.

 Oh the joys of being a parent…

 Having weighed up the possible pros and cons of waking up in bed covered in sick in the early hours of the morning (Ted sleeps with us), I’m now downstairs on the sofa with Ted on a mini mattress on the floor.  I figure sick is easier to clean up from the carpet than it is to wake dh up again and convince him to move (he’s not very good at waking up unless a very loud alarm clock is involved), sort Ted out, strip the bed, clean it and then have to sleep in dampness…


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