Happy Beltaine

Yes it’s a little belated, but we were very busy yesterday! I’ve been having some health issues for a while now and was back at the hospital having various tests done and I’m back again on the 22nd. We then went off to the woods for some play and pond dipping. There were a huge number of tadpoles, more than I’ve ever seen before, the water was black around the edges with them!

So with Erk off to a Beltaine camp with friends, Nin, Ted an I went to the annual Faery Hunt at Brodsworth Hall with a couple of other families (no photos of faeries I’m afraid).:


Ted & a friend and a tree full of beautiful blossom (there were many trees laden with blossom and some Japanese tourists were busy snapping photos).

A herd of bullocks who ambled over to say hello.  The pale one to the fore came closest (much closer than he is in the photo above), but then got a little frightened and stood, knees shaking a little, unsure as to whether to come even closer.  It was strange to see such a large animal really not sure of such small children.  I did feel a slight pang at the thought of where they’re going to end up, they looked so peaceful lounging in the sun.

The Rose Gardens (above and below) – give them a couple of months and these will be absolutely beautiful.  I’m planning a trip back for the smell!

Wishing at the little waterfall in the Brodsworth Hall Grotto.

Brodsworth Hall Grotto


Some very unusual trees (they almost look ‘false’).  I have no idea what the flowers are above and below (they remind me of fuchsia – but I don’t think they are them) but I was really taken with them – little hearts hanging in a row.


Ted doesn’t look hugely impressed – but he had a wonderful day tearing around 🙂

So all in all I think the day was a success for all concerned.  All faeries were found and the children collected a sticker and chocolate at the end.  Nin loves the Faery Hunt – she remembers it and I think now waits for it to come around when we reach a certain point in the year.

Whilst I’m on here, a few photos from a recent trip to the park at the end of the village.  We have a few different parks here, I have to differentiate between them somehow, so there is the “park at the bottom of the road”, “the Horsefields park” (because it’s by fields with horses in), “the park next to the Children’s Centre” and the aforementioned “park at the end of the village”.  There is another one in the village, but I’ve never visited it, so haven’t had a chance to name it yet.



 The photo above is taken from the same location (roughly – the house in the photo below is also above, just not as easy to see) as the one below (taken in September last year).  It still amazes me how much the colours change from season to season.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


9 thoughts on “Happy Beltaine

  1. Gemma says:

    Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. But it looks like you had a wonderful Beltaine!! I haven’t been to Brodsworth Hall in years – the gardens look beautiful – we’ll have to take a trip there at some point this summer!! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Gemma x x


  2. D. Vine says:

    I am taken, once again, with how beautiful it is where you live. Wow, it’s breathtaking!
    Also think the heart flowers are called Bleeding Hearts… although white ones are new to me… how beautiful they are.


  3. Jennifer D says:

    What a gorgeous post, Nikki! It is absolutely gorgeous where you live – lush and inviting. I could almost see the faeries myself in those photos. You did a marvelous job of capturing those precious moments. And I have to say that the ice cream face picture was my favorite 🙂 Made me smile so thank you for brightening my day! Love the spring/fall shot, too – neat to see the changes. Finally, I hope your health returns quickly – that’s not easy, especially with little ones around. Thanks for sharing! I so enjoyed it!


  4. taimarie says:

    Such beautiful pictures. I hope your health issues clear up soon. And thanks again for the parent-child group info. I am planning to go forward with mine, so I might ask a couple more questions as I go forward if you don’t mind!


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