I know I've been quiet

I don’t know where the time goes!

I’ve been so very busy recently, knitting up Easter Eggs for one of the local Steiner Parent & Child groups, finishing my spring lace scarf (still not finished), knitting a cardigan for the doll, crocheting bowls to felt, knitting a little flower as a present for Nin and sewing a little felt purse for Ted (pictures after I’ve given the presents to them tomorrow).

I’ve also been working on a website for a group I’m involved with (when it’s finished and the group is happy with it I’ll post the link up).

I’ve had to deal with dead baby rabbits courtesy of Gilbert – who may look like butter wouldn’t melt, but is a stone-cold killer given half a chance.  I really don’t like having to clear up dead rabbits, but he’s only being a cat and he very dutifully presents me with his gifts (and I have to admit, they less offensive than the half eaten dead fish he left in the dining room for me to narrowly miss stepping on with bare feet as I pottered off to bed *sigh*).

We’ve been on 2(!) Easter egg hunts (well one was for little chocolate rabbits).  One in the woods at Sandall Beat – and the sun shone down and we were joined by some teen girls who just happened to be hanging out at the park.  They were very helpful in supporting the little ones to find chocolate – really lovely! The second at Longshaw, where we decorated eggs and Nin and her friend ran off to her friend’s ‘den’ and found some chocolate eggs in a nest in there that had been hidden in advance of the hunt.  Nin and her friend came rushing back, so excited because something had ‘laid’ chocolate eggs in the nest 😉  We had to distract them from finding any more before the hunt began!

If you are celebrating this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful Easter-time.


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