Lazy blogging

Because I don’t really have the energy to write much, so instead I’m posting some pics of a visit to Sandall Beat Woods (last week).


We went on the bus whilst Erk cycled (the daftness of this trip is that Sandall Beat Woods is only around 5 miles away, but the easiest way to get there, if you’re not driving or cycling, is on 2 buses.  I wish I had one of those lovely Dutch/Danish trikes that carry children, I’d save quite a bit on bus fare *sigh*)

We walked into the woods, seeing lots of squirrels as we went, usually too fast for me to catch on camera, but I did manage to take a photo of this little chap:

We met up with Erk and played on the wind pipes (you have to stand on the wooden beams in different places to make sound):

And then we discovered a roly wheely thingy which for some reason we’d never noticed before (which is a bit bizarre as it’s only just down from the playground, etc.)


It was a bit of a challenge for Nin to get up onto.


Feeling confident now…


And off!   And straight back on again.Â

You can make little bells inside the wheels ring when you moved your feet, Nin thought this was fabulous and spent quite some time on it.

What you can’t see on the ground beyond it is the wonderful daffodils and irises.

And on the way out, just as the weather was beginning to turn, we saw a peacock in less-than-auspicious circumstances (next to rusty old baths in a farmyard):

Quite a bit else happening atm, so will hopefully have some time to blog it tommorrow (also trying to get some knitting done as I’ve had a lace scarf *for me* on my needles for a while which keeps getting cast aside for knitted easter eggs and making clothes for dolls).


7 thoughts on “Lazy blogging

  1. Angela says:

    i appreciate your honesty! glad to know i’m not the only one who feels too tired to type! i feel like i haven’t had sufficient energy to blog well for weeks and weeks.

    those iris are lovely! none of mine are up yet. so glad it’s spring!!

    hope you get rested up and lots of renewed energy!


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