March Circle Time

Please note this photo isn’t one of mine – far too good 😉

Now I have a spare minute (before I go off to bed), I thought I’d type up the Circle Time we are currently using.  I know it would probably help to have the melodies, so I might have a fiddle with the PC and see if I can record the melodies I’ve now started adding some recordings – erm, I have to lean over my PC to sing (I don’t have a separate microphone) so they sound a bit strained 😉 You’ll need to save the file to your PC and then open to hear it (sorry, at some point I’ll try and work out a player for on here, there must be some way of doing it).

Come to the circle where dreams are found
Take my hand and we’ll dance around
Round and round and round we go
Hello, hello, hello and hello.

Come the the circle, we’ll dance in a ring
Jumping like lambs to welcome the Spring
Round and round and round we go
Hello, hello, hello and hello.



There piped a piper in the wood
Strange music – soft and sweet
And all the little wild things
Came hurrying to his feet.

They sat around him on the grass,
Enchanted, unafraid,
And listened, as with shining eyes,
Sweet melodies he made.

The wood grew green and flowers sprang up
The birds began to to sing;
For the music it was magic
And the piper’s name was Spring!



Five little mice fast asleep
One by one, out they creep
Five little mice, wide awake now
One-by-one they take a bow


(to the melody of “Frere Jacques”)

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Little bulbs. Little bulbs.
Springtime is a-coming. Springtime is a-coming.
Time to wake. Time to wake.


(“Flowers Growing” by Jean Warren – sung to melody of “Here we go round the mulberry bush”)

This is the way we sprout our roots,
Sprout our roots, sprout our roots.
This is the way we sprout our roots,
When spring time is here.

This is the way we stretch and grow. [etc]
This is the way we open our buds. [etc]
This is the way we bend in the breeze. [etc]
This is the way we smile at the sun. [etc]


Two little feet go tap, tap, tap.
Two little hands go clap, clap, clap.
One little body, twirls around.
One quiet body sits back down.


I then tell the story of The Three Billikin Whiskers (or Three Billy Goats Gruff)

5 thoughts on “March Circle Time

  1. taimarie says:

    thanks for these, I love collecting up seasonal songs and verses. My guy isn’t quite ready for a formal circle, but loves to sing and dance, so I just sort of slip them into the day!


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