Long time, no blog

I’ve had a dead laptop which has refused all attempts to switch on or charge.  It’s back now and working and I have alot to catch up with!

In the meantime we’ve been up to:

Ice carving – including what happens when you pour water on and then chip away at ice.

Ted helped Rik in the shed:


It snowed (whilst it might seem rather pitiful to some, we’ve not seen this much snow for a while):


Gilbert was very far from impressed:

Monty, on the other hand, loved it.  We let him off the lead on the playing fields and pelted him with snowballs which he thought was fabulous, but sorry, no pics, the snow was really coming down and I was worried about the camera getting wet.

Something you might miss if you were at school. A lorry had come to clean the drains, needless to say the children were fascinated.

And Nin made an apple and blackberry pie (English Bramleys from the market, blackberries from home-made blackberry jelly in the autumn, stirred into the apple mixture).  She decorated the top herself and was very pleased with it:

I ordered some Riihivilla Aarni from Ecoknits:

I’m currently knitting up the flesh tones, working on a pattern for a knitted Waldorf Doll.  I’ve finished one large doll’s head (photo to follow soon) and have started on a second, smaller head. I also received this lovely sketch from Creative Mother:

Thank you so much Creative Mother!  I’m so pleased with it!

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