Time flies…

Such a flurry of activity!  It’s almost 10 days into the New Year (so nearly Ted’s birthday) and it seems to have gone by so fast!

There’s been quite a lot of things like this:


And finishing off things like this (R, my 14yr old son, made the cake):


And I started this (must be mad):

The playmat is 1×1.2m.  I’m chain-stitching the water (as you can see), with embroidered then needle-felted pebbles in the stream (with scrap bits of Noro left from the hobby horse which I’m *still* to get a decent pic of to post).  Once I’ve finished the base colour of water I will chainstitch or embroider a variegated (blue/green/purple) yarn on top for some added ‘movement’.

I plan to crochet the lane (coloured in beeswax crayon as a guide for the time being) and will then knit various fields, latch-hooking verges and bits around the pond for a bit of height (I can’t face latch-hooking ‘grass’ into an entire field).

I’m also knitting a cardi for Rosie (Nin’s doll) in matching yarn to the stockings I’ve recently made for her and am *still* crocheting the blue and purple knitted dress for Nin (which is likely to be a long top at this point).  I’ve also got the hem to add to the stripy dressing gown I’ve been making for Nin, but had to wash it (due to a cat wee incident, of which I will probably post more later – had one of those awful, but comical, days yesterday *sigh*)


6 thoughts on “Time flies…

  1. Ninny Noodle Noo says:

    Hi Taimarie,

    I subscribe to Living Crafts – the recent farm bits they had in there were wonderful, so much inspiration in that magazine!

    I can’t wait for the playmat to be finished either, I love starting new projects, but finishing them is even better :0) It’s rather time-intensive though atm, once I get past the chainstitching into the canvas it will move faster and easier (much easier and more comfortable to curl up on the sofa knitting the fields, etc. then wrestling with a big stiff piece of canvas – I’ve rubbed the bottom joint of my thumb until it’s sore).


  2. Ninny Noodle Noo says:

    Hi sistermama,

    Thanks re. the cake – I think R did a fantastic job with it, far better than I could make (not bad for 14).

    Yes I did make the pattern up for the stockings and can dig it out and type it up if you want, it’s good for socks too (basically I started off knitting the socks for Ted’s doll and then improved on that and lengthened the legs for the stockings).


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