I'm still here!

Been a bit busy, y’know how it is 😀

We’ve had a lovely quiet festive season with quite a lot of biscuits and some marzipan dipped in chocolate (made by the children – yes they were covered head to toe in chocolate, I couldn’t take photos as I was too 😉 ).

Here are a couple of bits and pieces I’ve made, although I still need to take a picture of the hobby horse, coat and hat and scarf set.  I’m not a confident photographer and I just couldn’t get half decent photos of them this morning.

I have, however, finished Ted’s doll’s cardigan, some dungarees (couldn’t get a decent close photo of them) and socks to match the cardigan.  For Nin’s doll I finished a pair of stockings:


Aside from that it’s been brisk cold walks with the dog (and some extra teens, I seem to collect them in this house…)


The last photo is where we do most of our blackberry picking in the autumn, it looks so cold and bare now.  The camera ran out of batteries at this point (which was a shame as we went to the playground and Erk took off his hat and put it on the ground next to the swing and the dog grabbed it and made off with Erk in hot pursuit, much to everyone’s amusement – the dog was really, really pleased with himself).  Oh and guess what?  Ted did the whole walk with NO NAPPY!  Yes, my little boy is now wearing pants in the day 🙂

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get some photos of the hobby horse and other bits and pieces I’ve made soon (I’d also like to also get them posted up on Ravelry).



6 thoughts on “I'm still here!

  1. Fröken Skicklig says:

    Thank you for your warm lines and your visit at my blog! These dolls by Moonchild Studios are very charming – wonderful that you have the patience to knit tiny socks (I know how much time it can take 😉

    Snowy wishes from Berlin, Juliane | Fröken Skicklig


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