Biscuits and a wet dog

We’ve been busily making biscuits and the mutt had a bath:

A bit of an icing and glitter fest for the children!

As you can see he doesn’t find a bath a traumatic experience (which is handy considering he’s quite long-haired and generally needs a good brush and trim every now and then).  He had a great time chasing the water from the shower and even sat and stood nicely to be hairdryered afterwards.


10 thoughts on “Biscuits and a wet dog

  1. Mrs Green says:

    😀 That is the cutest dog face I have seen for a looooong time!
    I can’t get over how good he is; my dog used to hate baths; in the end I’d take him out in the garden and put the hosepipe on him, for some reason he felt that was a game so tolerated it LOL!


  2. Shirl says:

    Awwwww …. your dog looks so cute! Yummy biscuits … :0)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

    Shirl x


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