Resurfacing, slowly

I’m getting there.  The funeral went well, after rather a comedy of errors getting down to Birmingham on public transport with two small children (dh joined us on the day of the funeral with the two older boys). Nin became ill and I followed her on Saturday and have been rather bogged down with a bad cough and fever, but steadily I’m coming out of that.

It still hurts.  I imagine it will for a while.

But there are still everyday things to be done.

We’ve done some crafting.

Erk’s done some sewing.

Nin and Ted have painted some beads.

And everyone has been making some bobbles.

This required quite some concentration from Ted, he’s not quite 3 but really wanted to do what everyone else was doing.  There aren’t any photos of the resultant bobbles as they haven’t been finished yet 🙂

So, I’m getting there (and will probably feel a damn sight better when this bloody cough has gone!)


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