More knitting, crochet and brrrrr

Along with the felted hobby horse and dollshouse cowboy I’m working on, I’m plodding along with a knitted and crocheted dress for Nin.

It’s going very slowly because there’s just so much of it to *do*!  At this rate it may stay as a long knitted top.  I still need to add a band and tie at the back as it’s made loose to easily go over Nin’s head.  I’ll be adding some sort of purple picot edge to the sleeves, hem and also edging for the band.

A pic of poorly Ted (although he’s much better now).  Poor little mite curled up on the living room floor on a small cot mattress.  He was really so ill!

Waldorf doll cardigan I’ve also finished a cardi for Nin’s doll and am now working on a cabled version for Ted’s doll. In addition I’ve just finished crocheting a cover for an old plastic head band which I’m now going to embroider with a vine, leaves and some flowers. So much to do, so little time if I want to get them finished as presents.We also had a trip to Sandall Beat Woods for the HEDG (Home Education Doncaster Group) meet yesterday.  I met a couple of families from Sheffield at the bus station to show them the way, which was a nice addition to our small group. Again I took the camera, but shortly after arriving it began to rain, then hail, sleet and finally snow, so we all retreated inside the Visitor’s Centre for warmth, shelter and a
shared meal of home-made cheese scones, jam sandwiches, carrot cake, pumpkin pie, carrot sticks, raspberries, bananas and satsumas, washed down with either water, herbal tea or traditional lemonade). No chance of a circle time in the slight chaos of a change of routine and the craft activities I brought (saws and a drill for the older ones to cut up fallen branches to either make buttons or for later whittling) and weaving on twigs (gods-eyes) went by the wayside as the weather wasn’t conducive to collecting what was needed.

5 thoughts on “More knitting, crochet and brrrrr

  1. Meike says:

    Poor little Ted! we had a very similar situation here last week, down to the throw-up bowl as well!

    And may I just say I am in complete awe of your crocheted dress/top? My doll skirt just pales into insignificance next to that! For what it’s worth: I think it’ll be just as lovely as a knitted/crocheted top. No one need ever know it was designed to be a dress!


  2. Taimarie says:

    The top is lovely- no need to call it a dress! And the doll sweater is great. You have a big list of projects on the go- mine is similar, it is a big job, making all your own gifts!


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