Pride comes before a fall

In the early hours of Sunday morning Nin came into our bedroom complaining that her belly hurt and promptly threw up on dh’s feet, which gave me something to smile about whilst I stripped the bed.  It was a short bug and she was fine pretty quickly.

Last night I took myself off to bed early with Ted, planning to attend the Steiner co-op this morning (I keep trying and something always comes up).  About half past midnight he was sick down my back.  It was in my hair, it was in his hair, his ears, out of his nose, all over the top of the bed.  I helped him up and he was sick over the rest of the bed.  He continued to throw up about every 1/2 hour for the rest of the early morning hours, running out of ammo, only to have it topped up when I nodded off exhausted at around 7am and my *helpful* daughter gave him a cup full of orange juice, whereupon he started up again *sigh*.

There isn’t anymore clean bedlinen in the house, I don’t own a drier and it looks like rain outside.  Ted is lying on a small cot mattress on the floor in the living room with an old baby blanket over him (because I don’t fancy cleaning sick out of the crevices of the sofa).

I will never again be smug about a child being sick on my husband.


8 thoughts on “Pride comes before a fall

  1. Jody says:

    So Sorry!!! We had this bug go through our house a couple weeks ago. Most painful. It stayed with us cycling for over a week, so beware it still lingers. I do hope you manage to get to the Steiner Co-op next time. 🙂
    Cold face cloths feel really good amidst any feverish spells. Lavendar is anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well as overall soothing, so maybe a few drops on the humidifier or in baths and don’t forget the wash too! I hope you are spared!


  2. Gemma says:

    Much hugs to you and your little ones. I hate any form of sickness. At the start of the year, all three of us ended up coming down with a particularly nasty bug, for the best part of two weeks. I felt like I was living through the plague!! Truly awful. So you have my deepest sympathies!! x x


  3. Leilani says:

    LOL…is that karma getting you, you think? Yet, all I see from this is the power of motherhood…so very unpleasant yet we take care of our little ones, barf down our backs & all. 🙂


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