Basic bendy body tutorial added

I know I’m really, really late on this – sorry!  But the basic bendy body frame for the knitted dolls is now in the articles (under Knitted Bendy Dollshouse Doll).  They’re basic instructions (like Wee Felt Folk, without the finesse of wrapping), so if you’re still stuck, do let me know and I’ll try and answer any questions.  The dolls aren’t difficult to make, just a tad fiddly when sewing into the ‘skin’ (but hey, if my chunky fingers can do it, chances are yours can too!)


4 thoughts on “Basic bendy body tutorial added

  1. dawniy says:

    hiya darlin, dawny here, just wondering if it’s ok for me to show the ladies this post on our crafty blog and link to you, it’s a team blog thing – you can come join in if you like 🙂
    acraftyblog dot blogspot dot com

    love d x


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