Martinmas and a surprise birthday present

I’m getting a bit wobbly at how fast time seems to be passing, less than 6 weeks to Yule/Christmas and I’m working away at getting various things made for then.

We made some jam jar lanterns for Martinmas (made at a friend’s house):

Jam jar lanterns

Nin is still enjoying lighting a candle in the evening and just watching it flickering away in her lantern.  She’s continuing to copy Erk’s geometry with her own attempts (“Look Mum, I’m doing geometry too!)

Nin also had a surprise package through  My mother has been in Egypt with my brother and hadn’t had time to send a present through to Nin, so when she got back, she sent this:

A Moulin Roty Handcraft Set. It’s beautiful, I’d rather like one for myself! It also came with some needles and a sampler pattern for cross-stitch (which doubtless she will also try sometime soon). She’s been busy trying to crochet and loves to pull out HER yarn and stroke it (clearly a yarnie in the making). She is making (with quite a bit of help) crocheted squares for a doll’s blanket.

6 thoughts on “Martinmas and a surprise birthday present

  1. Esther says:

    Oh that is such a sweet set, can I have one too!. Dominic got something similar for his birthday form grandparents but it was a wood working set. We need to get it out and have a go at a simple project with him.

    Know what you mean about Christmas coming fast I have to get some of my stuff done by the end of November as my brother and his family are off to south Africa to spend Christmas with his partners mum.


  2. Jody says:

    Wow!! What a great present! I understand the petting of yarn.
    I looked these up and they are fabulous and have found a new brand to fall in love with.
    Thanks for posting this!


  3. Gemma says:

    I’ve had my eye on that set since I saw it in Country Living magazine. Very yummy!! And so perfect for a creative little girl to carry around with her. How sweet!!


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