Baking, Geometry and Handwork (but not necessarily in that order)

For her birthday we bought Nin a Portmerion baking set, complete with apron, chef’s hat, mini rolling pin, biscuit cutters and stoneware jug and basin.

Of course she’s wanted to use it every day!

Erk has moved on to Geometry:

The big challenge for him is to keep the lines smooth and not ‘sketch’ (you can see a bit of that has already happened – oh and that’s the remainder of black nail varnish on his nails, not dirt 😉 ), but the good thing is that he is really enjoying it!  He’s also continuing to learn Norwegian.

Nin also had a go at colouring patterns I drew for her with compasses (to keep her occupied whilst Erk was working because naturally she wants to be working right along side him *sigh*)


Nin also has a new project: a needle book.  She is making it from felt.  It will be light pink on the outside, dark pink on the inside with a light pink needle leaf.  She is sewing a flower onto the front of the needle book and has finished running stitch around the outer edge of the flower and is now filling in the petals (below).

I know the photos are a tad fuzzy (I’m not a fantastic photographer, although I have a feeling I need to read the manual for this camera and possibly change some settings) but her stitches are so neat!  I’m so proud of how well she is doing!

Once she’s finished she will have her own little set of needles and some pins to go into the book (although at some point we will make a pincushion too).  She wants to make clothes for her dolls, but first things first 🙂

Today we went over to a friends and made jam jar lanterns.  I did take my camera, but was so stickily caught up with it that I forgot to take any photos till we’d finished (so instead I’ll take some when they’re lit and glowing).


8 thoughts on “Baking, Geometry and Handwork (but not necessarily in that order)

  1. dawniy says:

    hiya Nikki
    I can’t get over how grown up she is bless her 🙂
    going to send you an invite to our team craft blog so look out for it, would love you to come along and join us 🙂


  2. indiebird says:

    hi Nikki,
    Your lot are busy arn’t they!! My goodness! I love your photos and don’t mind a bit the fuzzyness of them, they catch the spirit of the moment for me.


  3. Angela says:

    your little one seems so focused on sewing that flower! has she been sewing for a while? my oldest has been asking to learn to sew-by-hand. any good recommendations for an easy starting project?

    also, i am going to have to get my kids some graph paper to draw on! i remember doodling and creating on graph paper a lot as a kid. you’re right – it’s drawing with a built in geometry lesson!


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