*Sniff* and again *Sniff*

I’m sure the last bug put up a sign saying, “Co-tenants wanted.”  Because now it’s gone, it seems it left something else behind.  So I’m sniffing and sneezing and drinking alot of hot water and lemon.

Still, it is an excuse (as if I need one) to make some lovely soup – carrot and ginger last night, followed by a tray of flapjacks (that didn’t last an hour), but I haven’t been online much due to the need for an early night.

We’ve been to the park:

Had a go at making peg dolls:
Look at the look of concentration on Ted’s face!
They also made some collages:

Not so bad really 🙂

I also faced the fact that I am likely not ever going to get around to taking in the skirts I’ve been planning to for months and instead took the first one into an alterations place.  Part of me tells myself I really should’ve done it myself, but realistically with everything else I have to do, doing it would’ve been unlikely and so it’s much better to just get it done by someone else (rather than the alternative of buying a new skirt!)  Of course I now have to remember to pick it up from the alterations place (I’ve already forgotten to once…)

AND I finally got around to co-ordinating a bulk-buy to Suma, so feeling far more virtuous now I’ve been all organised and ordered in some good flour and other bits and pieces, with a plan to bake everyday and hopefully get my diet under control again (not in a losing weight way, although that would be good to, but more in a general I’ve not been eating as healthily as I might recently).

So I’m feeling rather smug and organised through the fug of head cold 🙂


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