No school

This September Nin would’ve started school and didn’t.  Whilst I’ve known that she would be home-educated from before she was born, it still feels strange not to send a child to school in the first place (having deregistered my older two to home-ed).

I’ve been busy finishing off the October edition of the Education Otherwise Newsletter and doing quite a bit of knitting which I will take a photo of – balaclavas (I’ve also written up a basic pattern to type up), plus I’ve started a knitted dress for Nin (again my own design).

We *did* make blackberry jelly after going blackberry picking:

Making blackberry jellyStraining blackberry jellyBlackberry jelly sandwic

It tastes wonderful! So fruity 🙂

We made two pound jars of jelly and it set really well (sometimes I have a bit of difficulty on the setting front). We’re steadily working our way through it now.

I had planned to go and pick more, but the weather has been so wet and windy recently there hasn’t really been the opportunity.

Instead we’ve done some baking:

Nin rolling
Nin cutting scones out
Nin cutting more scones out
No photo of the results, they were eaten before I had a chance to take a picture!
A new Steiner co-op has started up in Sheffield (at the Longshaw Estate what a FABULOUS location).  It is running from 5+ (I did discuss the thinking behind this with the teacher), but I feel that Nin is still too young for it (as I would prefer her to be atleast 6.5 before starting such a thing), however, they are also running a Parent and Child group which I hope to get to occasionally (it’s a bit of a trek from here on public transport so I can’t make it every week, much as I might like to).
I’m looking forward to meeting some other families with similar ideas to myself regarding educational approach and am hoping that there might be the possibility of getting some sort of group started up locally.

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