Achey Stomach and a Balaclava Pattern

I’m not well 😦 My stomach aches and aches and has done since Sunday and I can’t work out why, because surely a bug or food-poisoning would’ve passed by now (and well, horrible ‘other stuff’ goes along with a bug or food-poisoning and I’m not experiencing anything like that).

I’m wondering whether it’s down to the fact that I’ve been eating quite a bit of things I know don’t really agree with me, but I’ve not felt this bad for a while.

Still, it does mean I’ve been getting lots of knitting done (I’m designing a knitted dress as I go along for dd, with a few false starts, but hopefully when I sew up the top it’ll fit her and then I can start on the skirt of it) with the help of my very handy human swift:

Perhaps I should rent him out?

I’ve added the balaclava ‘patterns’ to the Articles section.  Please bear with them, I tend to knit from my head and am rather bad at notes, but they should make sense.  I will at some point knit some more using the pattern I’ve posted to test it – if you use it and pick up on anything, do let me know.  I’ve also added a dolls balaclava for good measure (as it can really help a child to keep a hat on their head if their doll is wearing the same).  The photos are a bit useless, it was nigh-on impossible to get Ted to stay still enough to get a decent photo!


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