Blackberry picking

Through the gate:

Through the gate

Past the way-marker:

Marker  Marker 2

Down the lane:

Stopping to show off (the doll MT is newly knitted and crocheted and Nin is really pleased with it and currently carrying her doll everywhere in it):

Just a bit further:

And finally: blackberries!


Blackberry picking

Not much of a haul at this point, we we did pick enough to make some blackberry jelly (the project for tomorrow, I was too tired today). On the way home we stopped at another park (we have a few in the village):

Nin and Ted on the slide

Ted at the top of the slide

Ted going down the slide

And up and down again and again:

And up and down again

And a bit of a child crash on the slide (there’s not many pics with my eldest son in):

Three on the slide

I promised to take them a while ago, on a lovely sunny Sunday when we happened to pick a few sweet blackberries.  “We’ll come back tomorrow.”  I promised and then it rained solidly for a week – typical for this country (although it’s also an important part of what keeps our countryside so green and beautiful 🙂 )  Nin has been waiting patiently to go blackberry picking for quite some time now.  She’s seen the apples budding and then swelling on the trees and she knows that’s a sign that it’s time for blackberries.  We’re now waiting a little longer for the apples to ripen so we can pick some of them too.

The plan for tomorrow is to make some jelly from the blackberries (blackberry jam is a bit to pippy for my tastes) and perhaps an apple and blackberry crumble.


4 thoughts on “Blackberry picking

  1. Carle says:

    Oooh how wonderful,
    why not make a black berry jellie. – Boil the berries, strain them and then add your sugar to the juice. Cook the jelly until setting point. Yum – I wish we could come over for high tea and berry sandwiches.



  2. Esther says:

    They have grown so much!

    I’m jelous of the play park. We are surrounded by parks but they have taken all the old swings etc down and the only thing they put back is a rope climbing frame which is too difficult for anyone under about 7. There is nothing for young kids within walking distance which is madness is a city.

    We have been so bad about doing anything on the garden we have a good crop of blackberries in the back! I’m planning to cut out the briers as the berries ripen so I can pick them though i need to get it all done before Dominic’s birthday party second weekend of Sept !


  3. Leilani says:

    Ah, blackberry picking. They grew wild behind my childhood home…so yummy! Love the dolly Mei-Tai…which reminds me, I got a baby hawk. Love it although we haven’t used it very much yet.


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