Blackberry picking

Through the gate:
Through the gate
Past the way-marker:
Marker  Marker 2
Down the lane:
Stopping to show off (the doll MT is newly knitted and crocheted and Nin is really pleased with it and currently carrying her doll everywhere in it):
Just a bit further:
And finally: blackberries!
Blackberry picking
Not much of a haul at this point, we we did pick enough to make some blackberry jelly (the project for tomorrow, I was too tired today).  On the way home we stopped at another park (we have a few in the village):
Nin and Ted on the slide
Ted at the top of the slide
Ted going down the slide
And up and down again and again:
And up and down again
And a bit of a child crash on the slide (there’s not many pics with my eldest son in):
Three on the slide
I promised to take them a while ago, on a lovely sunny Sunday when we happened to pick a few sweet blackberries.  “We’ll come back tomorrow.”  I promised and then it rained solidly for a week – typical for this country (although it’s also an important part of what keeps our countryside so green and beautiful 🙂 )  Nin has been waiting patiently to go blackberry picking for quite some time now.  She’s seen the apples budding and then swelling on the trees and she knows that’s a sign that it’s time for blackberries.  We’re now waiting a little longer for the apples to ripen so we can pick some of them too.
The plan for tomorrow is to make some jelly from the blackberries (blackberry jam is a bit to pippy for my tastes) and perhaps an apple and blackberry crumble.

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