The Knitted Bendy Doll pattern is now online

The pattern is written up, but I still need to post up some photos, plus a tutorial for the bendy body and sewing up the doll.  Still, it’s something to be getting on with and I’ll post up further instructions for making the inner-body and sewing up soon!

Anyway, here it is in it’s basic form: Knitted Bendy Dollshouse Doll pattern.

Rather delayed as I found myself knitting a further doll for a little boy who was adamant for a, “Me too, Mummy!  Doll, me too!”

Who can resist a 2 year old, especially one who has seen his sister get a number of small dolls made for her recently and is desperate for a doll of his own to drive his wooden truck with.  Bless him, he kept shoving the unfinished doll into my hands and even though the doll hasn’t got any hair yet, Ted grabbed it as soon as the head was sewn on.  That particular doll has been knit in the round as opposed to in separate pieces and I will post a pic of him once his hair is sewn on.

I will also be adding a pattern for a mermaid tail soon too – I promise 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a little buttercup faery I’ve knitted up:

Handmade Knitted Buttercup Faery


2 thoughts on “The Knitted Bendy Doll pattern is now online

  1. Kristin says:

    what a wonderful little toy! My daughter tells me her little friend needs a mermaid for her birthday next week…any chance you have the tail pattern written and ready to use?!


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