EYFS Too Much, Too Soon (The Open Eye campaign film)

One of my other, lesser-known hats is Registered Childminder (the UK equivalent of Family Daycarer) although I tend to offer part-time and temporary places (due to my family commitments and of course Ninny Noodle Noo).  Except just recently I’ve been reassessing that role and the reason for this is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which will come into practice in September 2008.  As a Registered Childminder I will be expected to adhere to the EYFS and will be inspected upon it.  I have my concerns, along with many other people working in Early Years and here are some of the reasons why (courtesy of The Open Eye Campaign)

Edited to add: Meanwhile in the D*ily M*il: More than a third of 14 year olds boys have a reading age of 11 or below (kindly sent to AEUK, I’m not much of one for reading the papers and it’s great that there are people out there who will flag up articles like this).Â

Apparently “Falling numbers of secondary school pupils are making the grade in the core subjects of English and science despite record spending on education and initiatives to encourage boys to read.”

Could this possibly be because the government have got it wrong?  That earlier and earlier initiatives to encourage children to read may be having the opposite effect and is turning them off reading (and books)?


6 thoughts on “EYFS Too Much, Too Soon (The Open Eye campaign film)

  1. dawny says:

    well you know how I feel re teaching and the govt and national curric, targets etc – it killed teaching for me , children shouldn’t be crammed, some are ready young, others aren’t ready to read for years – my sister was 9. Don’t they just make things worse and worse, how dare they impose there misguided ideas on everyone . ,. . . ooooh bluster fluster they make me so bleeping angry.
    what are your earliest memories of learning, mine are the smell of plasticine and the taste of the warm bottles of milk we had at break time – can’t say i can remember any academic stuff . .
    thank you for sharing 🙂


  2. Jane says:

    Sent my children to Waldorf School for early years just for many reasons but mainly to protect their childhood. Have always looked at UK and Europe as being more protective of childhood–but this is really disturbing. Am a home educator now and still have one younger child we are scraping up funds to send to Waldorf School for a year. Firmly believe you have to watch for cues and expose children to information at the right time. You can’t teach a caterpillar to fly by taping it to a kite! Thanks for putting this out there. Am spreading this to other folks here in US.


  3. liz says:

    Maybe civil disobedience will help. The EYFS has clearly been written by a team or a person with no knowledge and no understanding of child development etc. Maybe it’s about time childcare practitioners in all settings that in order to protect our children we tell the Government (and they are meant to work for us, not the other way around) by ignoring the Learning Goals but of course sticking to all the health and protection issues of the EYFS. What would the Government do if everyone stuck together on it? Arrest everyone – I think not.

    It seems to be a very small team in Government who are being arrogant over this – in fact one can even name a few individual ministers who are cock-up merchants in every job they have ever had. In most other careers they would have been fired long ago. Instead they’ve been put in charge of children – a bit like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house.

    Common sense and decency should prevail and I hope that anyone involved in EY settings who is unhappy and disgruntled sticks together and protects the children against this unsustainable, abusive and cruel component of the EYFS.

    Shame on those civil servants who have protected the few and it’s about time you lot started to step aside on this very important issue and admit the Government got this wrong.


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