A mini mermaid doll and a red cushion

I finished this little doll a while ago, she’s a prototype, as I’ve designed the pattern myself, it needs a bit of a tweak:

Knitted mermaid Knitted mermaid without tail

As you can see, her tail is removeable. Her tail fin needs to be larger and her arms a little longer – but I’m pleased with how she turned out and will be making the necessary amendments with the next one (once I’ve finished the few bits I need to get done before that – Nin needs a new dressing gown and I’m finishing off a cowboy hat for Ted’s doll).

I’ve since added a pattern for the bendy doll here.

I finished the red cushion. Originally covered in a ‘fluffy’ cover (what were we thinking buying fluffy cushion covers with 4 children, 2 cats and a dog in the house?) Gilbert (the Korat) took exception to them and has systematically been tearing the fluff out. He approves of the new cushion far more.

Red cushion

It wasn’t the most inspiring knit, I’m rather flitty by nature and knitting two squares isn’t the sort of thing that holds my attention well, but it had to be done (well, a second one also has to be done, but I’m working up to that).

If you’re interested, here’s a close up (I need a bit of practice with close-up photos):

red cushion 2

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