Happy Birthday Erk!

My second little boy is 12 today (how time flies!)

His big brother (13) made him a cheescake:

Strawberry Cheesecake

He made it without a recipe and added a little too much cream, so it was a little runny, but still tasted delicious!  He used some giant strawberries we picked up from the market (3 punnets for £1 – I was a little dubious as usually large strawberries are a little bland, but these were lovely!)

Huge strawberry  Chopping strawberries

We ate the cheesecake after a lovely dinner of pasta in roasted pepper sauce (that disappeared far quicker than the time it took to make it).

Oh and in case you were wondering where the warmest place in our house was today:

Very happy Korat

What else have we been up to?

Well, we took a walk down to the park at the end of the village (by the pit):

Erk on ring

Erk on ring

Erk off ring

 Erk & Ted

View from park by pit

Nin was at nursery (she goes a couple of mornings a week), but she joined us later:

Ted gluing  Moo gluing

Nin’s finished picture (Ted whisked his off and didn’t want its photo taken):

Moo's cardboard castle

Oh yes and there’s some other news, Erk is home-educated again.  He left school a couple of weeks ago and is back at home (I’m so pleased!)


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