Catching up…

We went to Shirebrook Nature Reserve a couple of weeks ago, but it’s taken a little time to resize the pics and upload them.  We went for a regular home-edders meet (although we’d not been before) and had a lovely day in the sunshine.
Moo at Shirebrook

We were trying to recognise trees and also measure their girth to work out how old they are (abley assisted by the Park Ranger).

Measuring trees
Moo can’t read yet, so was assisted by her friend.  Mostly she did bark rubbings 🙂
Shirebrook woodsTed by tree
Even Ted tried to get in on the action (he loved the calculator), but was far more interested in running off and exploring (I spent quite a lot of time running after him):
Ted with calculatorTed's Off
He’s really getting some speed up below – and finally, how most of the photos I try to take of Ted turn out!
Ted almost goneTed by pond
We also had a picnic and later on made Green Man masks, which the children loved!  Nothing like fresh air, sunshine and a picnic to ensure a good day is had by all!

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