Oooooh, new blog…

Empty space can be hard to fill to begin with. I’m rather cowed by this being a brand new blog. I’ve blogged for years on a personal level, but starting a new blog again, well, it seems like quite a big step!

So, in a rather predictable fashion, I’ll start out by thanking the team at Aeolidia for the fantastic work they’ve done in revamping the Ninny Noodle Noo site and an additional thanks to Melissa Contreras who did the fabulous illustrations for the site (please visit her online gallery to see more of her beautiful work!) I’m thrilled with the look of the new site and hope that you like it too.

Now on to a little bit about Ninny Noodle Noo and how it came into existence:

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Ninny Noodle Noo (it might not be on her birth certificate, but that’s what we called her!)

This is her as a baby:

Nin as a baby

I set up Ninny Noodle Noo as a result of my interest in finding a way to be ‘greener’ in my approach to bringing up my children (Ninny was my 3rd) and my love of ‘traditional’ toys. As there was quite a gap between no.2 and Nin, we had to ‘start again’ with many things as I had dutifully passed on most of our baby equipment years before. It was a fresh start and as such, an opportunity to build upon what we had learnt raising the older boys (who were at that point only 7 and 9, so still small children, but past the ‘baby stage’). We made the decision that ‘less-is-more’ having observed that our older boys had only ever played with a fraction of the toys that they had and that we wanted to buy toys that were more environmentally-considerate.

This naturally led us to wood, but even there toys can be deceptive. What sort of wood was used, what paints and dyes (if any), where was it made? So many things that I hadn’t ever really considered before. This spilled over into other areas of our family life – what we ate, what I cleaned with, what we used on our skin and the clothing that we wore. I really fell in love with the Ostheimer and Spiel and Holz ranges and found some beautiful ranges of organic clothes and as I wanted to stay-at-home to care for Nin (and we had de-registered the older two to home-educate them), I was considering what I might be able to do to ‘make ends meet’. I realised that there were probably many families across the country wanting to make the same changes in their lives, thus Ninny Noodle Noo was born.

Nin Watering

Of course, we’re not a paragon of ‘greeness’ in our family life, it’s an ongoing learning process (like discovering the Nestle boycott – why hadn’t I been aware of that before? Sometimes watching telly can be handy!) and every-so-often I really fancy a Crunchie (there are lots of fabulous companies out there with more ‘ethical’ chocolate, but sometimes just a Crunchie will do!) And with 4 children (Nin has since had a little brother), we’re on a budget too! But we try where we can and really it’s not as hard as I thought it might be in the beginning – Janey Lee Grace’s book, “Imperfectly Natural Woman’ sums it up rather well – we’re an “Imperfectly Natural Family”.

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