Sometimes I'm not too bright!

This is a late post on this because well, it’s not been too bright on the family front recently. However, back to last month. A HE visit to a local living history museum was organised for a date in December. Me, being a little lacking in attention, was confused and thought it was the date in November, so we bundled off to Sheffield and found that no-one was there. Being a making lemonade from lemons kinda gal I decided to walk towards Hunters Bar (solely on the strength of it being mentioned in an Artic Monkeys track because I know very little about Sheffield).

We found Endcliffe Park:

Then the Botanical Gardens:

Moo really liked the cactis so I had to take a lot of photos as she pointed out which ones to photograph.

(You don’t say… *rolls eyes*)

The squirrels were by the waterfall and are clearly used to regular feeding as they were trying to sit on our feet, much to the delight of Moo and Ted!

Then it was on into town and the obligatory panpipe-playing musician.

A drink (Ted insisted on dipping his biscuit in my mocha).

And on to the Millenium Galleries:

A gyroscope water feature.

It was soon time to go home so we walked past the children’s favourite fountain, stream and whirlpool by the University.

I was going to take a photo of the water wall by the train station, but the camera ran out of batteries just as we got there!

So not a bad day considering it was originally a mistake that found us in Sheffield that day!


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