Quick update

The Xrays *still* haven’t been sent to the GPs (who are now chasing it up) – so no news there, but thank you for all the kind wishes, they really are appreciated. Ted is also much better, but I know have a chest infection that, whilst I feel ok in myself, isn’t shifting.

I had my first parcel from my SP11 Secret Pal a little while ago, but haven’t been able to post a pic due to lack of camera. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you – the parcel was great and the handmade bag that was part of it is very much in use (and admired). I’ll get a photo up as soon as I can so that other people can have an opportunity to see (but the chocolate’s long gone 😉 )

I finally ordered some Japanese craftbooks from the seller mentioned a few blog posts ago.

Also, my Ravelry invite arrived – yay! No prizes for guessing my username on there (dottyspots). So I’ve been enjoying doing bits and pieces on there and especially looking at all the wonderful things other people have been making. I’ve also made a sweet balaclava from some Natural Dye Studio yarn for Ted (with a bit of fiddling and sizing up the pattern). Again I’ll get a photo up when I can 🙂

I’m also working on a lace scarf (using the pattern for the back panel of the yoked lace panel cardi that I frogged) and a felted bowl (which is slow, because it’s sock yarn and is taking reams of st-st to get large enough to be a reasonable size after felting in the washing machine). I’m feeling more inspired again, after a bit of a dearth of creativity, so will hopefully be getting on with a bit more knitting again now.

I’ve also got a Facebook profile.


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