Home-education on the rise

Ok, the true title for it is ‘home-schooling on the rise’ – but I’ve never liked the term ‘home-schooling’ :0)

Anyway, an interesting snippet from C4 News, here.

Most interesting to me are the numbers of home-educated children for the local area that I live in. The local authority doesn’t give out Education Otherwise information and there are very few HE-ing members of EO here. I’ve also had a sneaky peak at the HEAS members list and again, there are very few local members on there – so where are all the home-educated children (just over 180 known to the LA, without even starting on the ‘unknowns’)? I was already roughly aware of numbers due to a fairly recent interview I did for a local newspaper and think that it is a very large number for the area.


3 thoughts on “Home-education on the rise

  1. Annie says:

    From figures I’ve seen from LAs before, it’s often a case that a lot of their known HEers are older children who have been taken out of school in the last year or two of secondary school and (just guessing/using anecdotal evidence here) a lot of those children will carry on with GCSE work at home, seeing their old friends from school – so a lot of them don’t appear at HE groups and trips and so on. So, unfortunately, large numbers of HEers on the LA list doesn’t translate to having lots more HE kids around! Conversely, there are areas where the numbers appear to be very low yet there’s a thriving HE community. As ever, HEers seem to work in mysterious ways 😉


  2. Carlotta says:

    I think Annie’s argument looks very sound – I do know of a couple of teens who would fit that description, but only know of them through schoolie contacts, rather than the HE community.

    Also: if S. Yorks is anything like Cardiff, there are at least 2 huge communities of HEors who barely knew of each other’s existence (before the National Mus set up some HE workdays that is). There are the largely autonomous lot and then the ones who follow a strict Christian curriculum. Only very occasionally should the twain meet.


  3. dottyspots says:

    That is indeed what I think is the case here – plus I am aware that there is a community of Plymouth Brethren here, some of whom likely HE too, but are not as likely to mix with other HE-ers.


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