I ate'nt dead

As Granny Weatherwax would say – although I’ve not taken to lying on the bed with a card across my chest whilst my mind goes wandering…

I’ve been rather busy. This working lark really does take up some time. Yes I’m used to having children around alot of the time (home-ed does get you used to having children 24/7), but it’s rather different when they’re not your own and that’s before you have OfSTED to contend with (and my inspection is due next week).

We’ve been out and about to the local museum, blackberry picking (with the resultant summer puds and blackberry jelly), apple picking (well, whilst we were looking for blackberries it was a shame to leave them), making papier mache shields, building Lego models, drawing, painting, playing games, playing on the new swing set (what a fab buy that was!) and making pizzas.

We had a nice day in Bridlington visiting SIL. I had originally thought I’d be doing the Green and Organic Fayre but got there to find it cancelled (the e-mail informing me of this clearly went AWOL) – so up early with a promising sunny day Bridlington seemed the obvious choice. I went up on the train (due to lack of carspace, made even more so by dh taking his mum with us). It was an enjoyable trip with R. and Ted, but we missed the last train home (20.15 is a daft time to have a last train) and so ended up staying over with SIL and going to the beach the next morning (luckily the next day was Bank Holiday so I wasn’t working). Ted was rather bemused (we’d not gone to the beach the day before) and stared in wonder at his feet in the sand and shrieked with laughter when we got to the waves. He had to go home in his nappy wrap and tee as his remaining clean trousers were soaked through and sandy (good job it was a warm day).

I’ve also made some damson jam and have been making some little dollshouse dolls. I frogged the lace-panelled cardi (I should’ve listened to the nagging doubts about the colours) and have started Boo Too from Knitty (although not in Noro, but in DB cashmerino aran in a rather lovely purple, the frills will be in lime green) – but knitting has had to take a backseat due to absolute lack of time!

Dh has started decorating the living room (finally after 2 years of living here we’re actually getting some decorating done).

I’m phoning one of the local schools on Monday to arrange some me-time at Arabian (Belly) dancing classes and Nin is signed up for mini-stagecoach on a Saturday as she isn’t going to nursery so we felt we should sign her up for something and feel that that will give her an idea of what dancing, singing and drama is like and then when she is older she may choose to concentrate more on one (or not). Erk is signing up for boxing and R. complains that ‘he never gets to do anything’ and when asked what it is he’d like to do, replies that ‘everything is boring’ (*sigh*)

Today I took some time out to go on Ebay for the first time in ages – I now have a rather long list of Japanese craft books in my Watch list (nothing wrong with a bit of eye-candy) and for the first time in quite a while I can consider buying myself some new jeans at the end of the week – rather sad I should be excited by the prospect…


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