Erm – can't think of a title.

I’m rather tired atm. Feeling harrassed and need to prioritise what I’m doing.

That said, I’ve lost a stone in weight (still another 3 to go) so feeling pretty good about that. I’m aiming to get down to within a stone of my pre-pregnant-with-Nin weight.

As I’ve not got the mental wherewithal to blog, here are some pics:

A rather ‘interesting’ star made by Nin. Shock horror! As the local authority discover child-slavery in HE-ers home…

A sweet one of R. & Ted:

Erk then insisted I take one of him:

And finally, a very happy dog and cat:

Fern was unavailable for photos.


5 thoughts on “Erm – can't think of a title.

  1. Emma says:

    What lovely pictures! You’re children are so similar to each other – like little peas in a pod!

    Glad to see it’s not just my lot that are used as child labour! 😉


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