A new addition to the Haxell family

Meet Monty, the almost 9 week old English Setter pup.

He’s really lovely and doing really well.The cats aren’t particularly impressed, but don’t seem to be hugely bothered, mostly because they get to gloat as he can’t jump onto windowsills or bookcases or sit on the comfy warm space by the radiator – all prime feline real estate (and subject to much internal feline bickering), so as far as they’re concerned he doesn’t really register as important as they’re far to wrapped up in their own (sometimes contentious) feline politics to much bother about him.

Currently on 1-2 hourly toilet trips outside, with only 2 accidents because of this (best to do everything possible to help his small bladder out, the trips can cut down as he gets older and has better bladder control). He’s a bright boy and toddles off to the gated part of the garden despite having only been with us since Saturday – not bad for such a small baby. I got up with him at 5am for another toilet trip (he slept from an 11pm toilet trip through to 5am) and he was fine on a blanket in our bedroom, settled down quietly, only to come and complain when he woke up and needed the loo.

He’s the recipient of lots of cuddles:



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