Another couple down

WIPs that is. I finished the purple cotton angora cardi:

Nin wouldn’t stand still long enough to take an unblurred one of the front, but I did get another couple of photos of her and a couple of Ned:

I also fixed Nin’s button jointed doll (the legs had come off) and have embroidered a face onto the first Waldorf doll I’ve had a bash at making (I bought some black mohair to knit a wig when I get a spare mo). I sewed up the rip in Woody’s trousers (and restuffed him a bit).

Continued WIPs are:

  • The Waldorf doll (needs that wig knitted and some clothes made)
  • A pink lace shawl (which is knitting up quite fast really)
  • A blue ‘pram blanket’ – with textured trees and houses on it (from a Lucinda whats-her-name book)
  • The cowboy print shirt that has been cut out ready to be sewn for Ted
  • I *still* haven’t finished embroidering the rosette I felted about a year ago.

There’s a lot going on here atm and at some point I will blog about it, but it’ll be a bit of a marathon (or should that be Snickers) blog and it’s just getting it written down in a bit of peace.


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