Because my arm is steadily loosing all feeling…

… this will be a short blog. Ned is asleep on me and his weight is pulling on my neck. R. came 5th in the Junior Bowls comp. at the weekend:

It was only the 6th time he has ever played bowls, so we’re very proud of him!

Yet MORE chillis (grown by Rik):

I finished a sock (just need to do the other one now) made from lovely handpainted yarn:

I’ve also been busy knitting this:

It’s in Debbie Bliss cotton angora and is wonderfully soft. The edge is lace, with twisted stitches up into the main body that will form the basis of stalks for embroidered flowers. I’m currently finishing the second sleeve ready to sew it up and pick up stitches for the collar etc.The boys have also asked me to post this:

A large bubble – well, we thought it was impressive.Over the past few days I have made some bramble and apple jelly (and have more apple juice waiting to be made into jelly on the hob), re-organised my paperwork (on the children’s info./OfSTED front) and been helping with the clean up effort at the local closed-down school which is where I’m hoping to take the family-learning centre project forward. It’s looking increasingly likely that there will be space available at the closed-down school for the family-learning centre to use which means that there will be space for a HE group if other local HE-ers are interested, space for the Pilates class a friend and I are trying to organise (not to mention the Indian dancing her daughter is keen to see take place), a possible location for Donny Nutters to work from (on a community level) and the various other classes that I’m hoping to organise. At the very least it is a venue that can be written into the feasibility study that I’m, now we, are applying for. Should that come back positive we will have a good base to apply for further funding from.

I’ve a meeting on Thursday to show the funding-support bod who has been working with the group the possible venue and then the week after next with the lease-holders to try to negotiate a good deal on taking on space. Signing the paperwork for the bank account on Thursday afternoon and from there we can go for the funding for the feasibility study – really excited!

Once things have moved forward a bit more I will put together a website with information on the project.

I forgot to gloat:

Wooden kitchen bought for £3 – consisting of sink (with tap and a little plastic washbowl that can be removed), fridge (with pull down egg holder and also a foldaway shelf on the door, plus inner shelves) and a washing machine. Salvaged whilst helping with the clean-up at the school they asked for a donation of £1 a piece. Nin is thrilled.

After a hard day:


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