I feel really boring and repetitive saying that we’re really busy here – because I know I say that every single time. It is busy, but to brighten things up a bit, I have a few photos:

On a walk out blackberrying, Erk took a picture of a swan from the lane. We found 3lb of blackberries – although we could’ve picked more, but didn’t bring more containers. There were also sloes, loads of elderberries (some of which I’ll go back for) and a few early hazelnuts, with the promise of more to come. Erk and his friends regularly visit some friendly horses and ponies across the river:

Rik’s had a few days off so has been catching up with various things, like painting with Nin. These were ‘blow paintings’, where they blobbed paint on and then blew it out into patterns with a straw (yes that is a Spear of Destiny t-shirt he’s wearing, for anyone who is straining to see).

I made jam with the blackberries (adding some apple to it) and these are going with the stash of pickled beetroot and squash chutney. I need to pickle some more beetroot and get down to what is now probably a rather pitiful allotment, as the rain has put me off going down there. I need to put in some kohl rabi, but have recently started making enquiries about finding a small piece of land instead. The plan is to share it between a few local families and the hope is that we can have a few goats, another family want some bees and the idea of a couple of pigs has been tossed around, amongst other things, so enquiries are being made. It’s a big step, but I’ve wanted goats since I was a girl (I really love them) and so, for me it would be better and I would transfer growing stuff, which has sort of put the allotment up in the air atm as I’d prefer to share a space that I could keep animals on.


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