Ow! Ow! Ow!

As I was waiting for the screen to load to start typing, Gilbert landed, all claws out into my side and is currently trying to eat the back of the chair behind me!

I realise it’s been a little while since I blogged anything of substance, but it is because we’ve just been so very busy! My mum came to visit for a few days, bringing Erk back with her (he’d been staying with her on the farm for a few weeks). We visited York, the first time the children and I have been. We went to the Jorvik Viking Centre, which the children really enjoyed.

So many wonderful shops to look in and it’s only 25mins away on the train! I’m really keen to save up for some glassware I saw in a shop, statuettes of Odin and Baldur and also a piece called ‘Two Souls’ – also the most lovely glass plates, I’ll have to dig out the link as I took the details for their website.

We went for a picnic in Sandal Beat Woods today. Lots of blackberries everywhere (really must go back and have a picking session, was kicking myself I didn’t think to bring anything).

There were loads of fungi of various sorts:

I’d love to go on a guided mushroom walk to learn more about them (or rather I’d like to know which ones are edible so I can eat them!)

Anyway, dinner is now calling!


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