New addition

We brought home a little Korat kitten on Wednesday. I’ve struggled to get unblurry pics as he doesn’t really stay still very long!

He’s a bit of a menace and has already landed in a plate of egg muffins, shoved his head in Nin’s icecream and her breakfast, R’s cranberry juice, almost landed in R’s dinner and tried to make off with some kiwi fruit. He managed to go missing for about an hour on Thursday until we found him in the coffee table drawer (there’s a small gap at the back of the drawer which he fits through) and I’ve had to rescue a metal scouring pad which he must have walked through the sink to get (judging by how wet he was – there was washing up on each side of the sink, so I suppose he decided on the direct route). He sounds a little bit like a hand-blender and has the rather posh name: Serrenol Virote (virote apparently means ‘power/powerful’ in Thai – Korats are a Thai breed), however, dh called him Gilbert on Thursday and it’s stuck πŸ™‚


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