It's no good

Ted is getting bigger and now has his second tooth coming through. He rolls around everywhere and is perfectly capable of making his way across the living room in order to get to something he’s spied on the other side of the room.

He is such a smily little boy and likes to talk (and laugh) with his mouth full! Nin has been spending most of her time in mud (as, IMO, all small children should) in various states of undress – I really must post some photos, but she’s generally just in a pair of pants and a sunhat 🙂

Erk has broken up from school and we’re sending him to Norway on Sunday (as it’s his turn and it’ll hopefully avoid some of the bickering that would otherwise be very likely over the summer holidays). He is not impressed ATM as he doesn’t like the teacher he’s been allocated next year.

We’ve had the Family First team out to assess our needs (with re. to R) – the hope is that they will be able to find some support for him to attend some activities over the summer holidays to get him out of the house a bit. It’s a bit tense here, but he’s been doing a lot of sewing of late (which he finds calming) and finished a bat today (on the sewing machine). Doubtless he’ll take a photo and will want it posted up.

The greenhouse has been busy:

Rik has pickled the first lot of chillis, but there’s plenty more to come. Ashamedly I’ve not been down the lottie as much as I could, but the heat has been squarely putting me off. We have picked quite a few blackcurrants and raspberries that have been enjoyed, but really I should be down there sorting out the spuds (and everything else that is doubtless suffering under this dryness) and I dread to think what the nettles are like! (I MUST bring the camera with me next time).The shows were good fun over the weekend, with the opportunity for some interesting chat.



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