We went on a faery hunt

At Brodsworth Hall on Saturday.

It was a lovely day, after the initial worry of drizzle and grey skies. We’d not been there before and as we’ve had a bit of a hiccup on the car front (i.e. we no longer have a car that will seat all of us), the children and I went on the bus (Rik was working so even if we did have a big enough car he couldn’t have driven over).

It was a lovely bus ride and a short walk from the bus stop to the Hall. The faeries were hidden in the gardens around the Hall:

We wandered around the garden searching for ten faeries so that we could claim our prizes (lollipops) from the gift shop.

There was a wonderful yew tree at the front of the Hall.

The sunken garden.

A pet cemetery which Nin seemed to really like!

We had a picnic close to the fountain and a robin came to see what we were up to – he came ever so close!

To my surprise, after all this activity the boys wanted to go and look inside the house. Nin was tired and so was transferred into the pushchair and Ned into his sling (Nin swiftly fell asleep) and we explored inside (no photos allowed). It really is an interesting house – more so because English Heritage haven’t sort to restore it to it’s former glory, more it is faded and you can see something of how such grand houses decline. We learnt loads, not least because the boys asked loads of questions – but by the time we got upstairs the boys were flagging too, so we went to the tearooms for R. and Nin to have traditional lemonade; Erk, ginger beer and I had an orange jigger, before walking back to the bus-stop to go home. The boys wanted to know whether we could go back yesterday! So clearly a hit with them!


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