I'm still here!

Still really busy!

I’ve been carrying on with getting R’s jumper finished (just a couple of inches on one sleeve and another sleeve before making up), I’ve started a little tunic for Ted (I’ve almost finished the back).

The allotment now has 13 raspberries (because I bought some and as I was putting them in our lottie neighbours popped their head round the gate and asked if we wanted some more!) 2 (possibly 4) blackcurrant bushes – I wasn’t sure about the 2nd two as I couldn’t remember what I’d got – and 2 redcurrant cuttings (which will hopefully take – I did have 4, but gave 2 to the neighbours as they’d very kindly given us some raspberries and also some beans some of which they helped R. plant up and leave in their polytunnel to be collected later). I also planted some carrots and R. put in some beetroots (in between hiding in the shed from the rain), so a rather productive day!

We had a meeting with the LEA last Wednesday. This has been a bit of a sore point as R. didn’t want to meet them and of course I supported his decision, after all, we don’t need endorsement from an outside agency, we’ve HE-ed since 2003 and it’s going very well. I don’t lack confidence with the decision to HE and know that R. is getting the best education he can (certainly better than school could provide for him).

However, the LEA was insisting on ‘examples of work’ and I was arguing that R. didn’t want this and there is nothing in the Education Act (or case law) that dictates that ‘examples’ must be provided. This has gone on since last year and there has been much to-ing and fro-ing of letters and I was preparing to dig us in for the long haul (and had taken some legal advice!)

The R. changed his mind and declared that he wanted to meet the local HE Advisor. So this duly happened last Wednesday. It actually went very well. R. made scones (mostly because Fiona, who came along too, had made scones last time we visited her, so he wanted to return the kindness) and the 2 bods from the LEA were fed them with organic strawberry jam and a cup of tea. We discussed various subjects, I told them something of my thoughts on how children learn and R. told them some of the things he was interested in and what he had been up to recently, quite a bit of which involved gardening, history and cooking. Not one scrap of work was shown (as R. didn’t want to show any of his work) but the response from the HE Advisor was that R. is clearly a very intelligent, articulate young man and we must be very proud of him 🙂 I’m not a person that looks for (or needs) outside approval – but hey, it’s a bonus!

R. has been continuing with his project on Ancient Egypt. I’ve given up on ‘the schedule’ again, as it’s behind (again) and R. is quite happy meandering along. We will get to Ancient Greece when he’s ready, but we’ve so much else on too that it’s hard to squeeze in the time for his project as he’s spending a lot of time reading and with the planning for the allotment, him cooking (he’s doing more and more) and just getting out and about more, we seem to be busy all of the time!

Anyway, time to get on with dinner. I’ve a nice home-made jam sponge ready to go in the oven (yum!)


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