I've spent the past couple of days

wanting to blog but not quite getting around to it.

I went to renew my First Aid Cert. yesterday (I go again next week as it’s a 12 hour course) with Ted in tow. It took a bit of effort to find a course that would allow me to bring a newborn with me (people muttered about insurance etc.), but apparently it wasn’t a problem on this one, although it appeared no-one had asked the tutor, who was a little surprised but then spent part of the day cuddling Ted whilst I breathed various numbers of breaths in various sizes of dummy.

I’m fairly sure I had other *interesting* things to say, but right now they’re all escaping me, I’m not even wonderfully sure of what I’ve done over the past couple of days (save for sitting on the sofa holding a poorly Nin). Rik’s been cooking because it’s been easier that way. There has been very little done on the HE front because R. still isn’t feeling on top form so has spent the past few days reading Harry Potter 1 & 2 in bed. I bought some yarn from Ebay and *still* haven’t got around to trying to design a shawl despite a few attempts at getting the ‘good’ crayons down to do it with.

I’ve another pic. of Ted, modelling (of course) another cardi knitted by moi – I should really get cracking on some larger sizes for him and have a go through Nin’s clothes to see if she needs anything (which TBH I don’t think she does as very kind family members keep sending her presents). I’ve also printed off a pattern from Knitty to make a felted bag to use up a load of grey wool I have. Anyway, here’s a picture of Ted:


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